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Experience the sacred union of cacao, dance, and community

"Such a delight to sit in circle and sip this nourishing medicine. Shared and facilitated so beautifully...A space to shake off external distractions and tend to our inner self." Chez C.

Homecoming: Winter Solstice Ceremony

Homecoming: Winter Solstice Ceremony

Welcome the Dark of Winter with Cacao and Conscious Dance 

On the arrival of the winter solstice, the longest night, we invite you to join us for a special Homecoming event.

A soul-nourishing journey designed especially for women like you, craving authentic connection, spiritual growth, and a deepening relationship with the Earth.

21st June, 6:30pm 
The Health Oasis, Kingston

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Please Note: Booking for Homecoming is essential. Ticket Numbers are capped to maintain a safe and intimate space. Address provided after payment: please go to "view order" then "download ticket" in your confirmation email.

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Homecoming is a somatic journey into your expansive essence nature

An invitation to end your week with soulful self-exploration, by embracing the divine within and around you.

Connecting deeply with yourself and the collective energy of like-minded souls.

Through the union of ceremonial cacao and dance, we seek to create moments of profound bliss and self-discovery

HOMECOMING is your invitation to connect to dance as the most timeless and powerful way of connecting with yourself...

Dance as a primal language that speaks to our shared humanity.

We invite this deeper exploration of ourselves,

by combining conscious dance with ceremonial cacao...

A gentle, yet powerful plant medicine that supports you to feel energetically open, alive and connected to your own inner guidance.

If you are seeking a grounded and safe environment to reconnect with your body in joyful movement, this event is for you. 

A space that encourages nourishment of yourself on every level.

Beginning with a ceremonial cacao ritual, we ask the medicinal properties of sacred Mayan cacao to guide us inwards.

After creating safe and intentional space, we connect with our inner divinity through conscious dance, celebrating ourselves in free movement. 

At Homecoming, there is no such thing as “I can’t dance”. 

There is only an open floor and an invitation to come home to your body through intuitive movement.

Connecting to our body’s intuition to access a profound state of clarity, and releasing our inhibitions to be in our fullest, most joyful expression through free movement. 

Supported by Cacao Medicine...

The medicinal properties of cacao support us in simultaneously grounding into our bodies and opening us up to the expansive energy of our life force.

At Full Circle we only serve our pure Mayan ceremonial cacao, hand-made with love and intention and blessed by Mayan spiritual leaders. For the most powerful and potent experience possible.

Embrace the True Power of Cacao

Cacao is an ancient plant medicine that has been revered for thousands of years by the Mayan people.

Known to be one of the most potent and healing plants on the planet. With the power to bring us profound clarity, awaken our spirit and connect us to our truest self.

At Full Circle Cacao we have been privileged to recieve the ancient Mayan teachings on cacao direct from our Mayan teachers.

Carefully passed down through the generations and surviving today as powerful insights that we are now able to share with you through these powerful cacao journeys.

By working directly with Mayan collectives we bring you the purest and most energetically powerful cacao in the world.

Helping to reconnect you with the true spirit of cacao and bring the healing practices of sacred cacao into your everyday life.