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"The most authentic and wonderful cacao I’ve had outside of Guatemala itself...The spirit of the indigenous women who made it could be felt with every sip." Megan D

Ceremonial Cacao Flavour Box

Ceremonial Cacao Flavour Box

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Immerse yourself in the authentic flavours of Mayan Cacao Medicine with our Ceremonial Cacao Flavour Box.

Bringing you the ingredients traditionally combined with cacao from the lands of this sacred plant medicine.

Experience the true health-giving benefits and authentic essence of these sacred traditions with one pound (four blocks) of ceremonial cacao:

Plain, Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Ginger flavours. 

An opportunity to try both of our Mayan cacao sources from Guatemala - Ka'kaw Chinimital from Solola and Fifth Element Cacao from the Cahabón region.


We have a limited supply of our flavoured ceremonial cacao - take advantage of this offer while stocks last!


We are so confident in the transformative power of our cacao, that we offer you a no risk, 100% money back guarantee.

  • Hand-Made with Intention
  • Sacred Small Batches
  • Sustainable Agriculture
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Experience The Power of True Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao is an ancient plant medicine that has been revered for thousands of years by the Mayan people.

Known to be one of the most potent and healing plants on the planet. With the power to bring us profound clarity, awaken our spirit and connect us to our inner guidance.

We are honoured to partner with traditional cacao producers and support the indigenous communities of Guatemala to create a better quality of life

By partnering with Mayan collectives we hope to reconnect you with the true spirit of cacao.

Bringing the healing practices of sacred cacao into your everyday life.

This means you are not only receiving the
most potent, nutritionally dense, and energetically pure cacao on the planet.

A plant medicine to make you happier, healthier and more deeply connected to your self...

But with every purchase you are supporting the indigenous custodians of cacao to sustain their traditional culture and support themselves with more than a living wage. 


Potent & Powerful

Our ceremonial cacao comes from the home of the Mayan people & the lands of cacao, what is now known as Guatemala. Always made from the highest quality ancient cacao beans, known as Criollo.

More Than a Living Wage

The indigenous cacao producers we work with set their own prices, and therefore receive far more than the fair trade rate, which is still highly exploitative and not enough for the quality of life we all deserve

Authentic & Traditional

We will only ever source ceremonial cacao from Mayan farmers and producers. Who use traditional authentic indigenous practices.

Protecting the energetic potency of the cacao and preserving the rich cultural heritage that has been passed down for centuries.

Sustainable Farming

Our cacao is grown using traditional indigenous farming practices, that are regenerative, biodiverse & sustainable. Prioritising the health of the earth, soil and surrounding eco-systems and protecting it for future generations.