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Be held by cacao and community

"Such a delight to sit in circle and sip this nourishing medicine. Shared and facilitated so beautifully by Gayle. A space to shake off external distractions and tend to our inner self." Chez C.

The Wisdom Within: Free Online Cacao Journey for The Full Moon

The Wisdom Within: Free Online Cacao Journey for The Full Moon

Join us for our monthly Online Full Moon Cacao Circle where we experience the profound healing that arises when sipping cacao medicine together in real time.

Tuesday 23rd April
9:00am AEDT
Inside the Full Circle Community

Join us Live for Free

Purchase the Wisdom Within Bundle for just $24USD 

For the same price as one block of our artisanal Mayan cacao you'll receive:

Live & Recorded access to The Wisdom Within Online Cacao Journey AND one block of our artisanal Mayan Ceremonial Cacao with free shipping. 


We are so confident in the transformative power of our cacao, that we offer you a no risk, 100% money back guarantee.

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Discover the Earth's Wisdom Within Yourself

You'll be safely guided through a powerful embodied meditation, on a journey that works in harmony with the potent magic of true Mayan ceremonial cacao. 

Consumed exactly as she was intended...

in ritual and communion with spirit.

We'll tap into the ancient indigenous wisdom of sacred cacao medicine, and the energies of fullness and completion that follow each Full Moon...

seeking clarity for the upcoming month and inviting in the Earth's rejuvenating energy.

With each new month, we forge a profound connection with ourselves through the potent force of collective intention.

Our commitment at Full Circle is to your journey of personal growth, and the
earth’s call for collective healing.

We believe the most powerful personal & collective healing happens in community.

Why You’ll Join Us:

Authentic Ceremonial Cacao Experience

Immerse yourself in the ancient magic of cacao, a sacred
medicine that opens your heart and eyes to the voice of your intuition.

We are committed to providing authentic ceremonial cacao experiences, rooted in respect for the centuries-old Mayan traditions of our teachers. Integrating modern understandings of somatic healing with the ancient wisdom of the earth.

Our direct partnerships with our teachers (Mayan spiritual leaders) and community-centric approach ensure you’ll be immersed in the pure essence of cacao and its transformative power.

Heal with Community

A unique opportunity to connect deeply with yourself and your own intentions, whilst also held by the collective. None of us were made to heal in isolation.

Tune in with our virtual cacao family, united in the pursuit
of clarity and renewal. And let collective intention amplify your individual journey.

Safe & Expertly Guided Practices

Experience a traditional cacao blessing & a deeply transformative meditation. Helping you tap into your inner voice, tune out the noise and connect to your inner wisdom.

Time and space to connect to yourself and guided practices designed to lead you on a path of purpose and connection.

Experience True Cacao Medicine

The Wisdom Within is a sacred space where you can connect with yourself in the company of cacao.

We'll bless the medicine as a group, plant our own intention, be guided into our inner mind/body experience through an embodied meditation, and ask the spirit of cacao to hold us, healing our emotional, energetic & physical bodies.

Return to Earth Wisdom

Connect with the unseen forces that guide you, tapping into the ancestral wisdom grounded in the earth and the transformative potential of ceremonial cacao medicine.

A moment for clarity, quiet, and spaciousness

Amidst the hustle of life, finding solace in the quiet becomes a rare gift.

In the Wisdom Within, we carve out a space to rest, reset, and embrace the Earth's grounding energy for the month ahead.

Slow down, reconnect with intuition, and create room for the gentle guidance of spirit.

Your sanctuary & gift to yourself amidst life's beautiful chaos.

The Full Moon is a time where deeper meanings are revealed to us...

as long as we can get quiet enough to hear our own hearts.

For thousands of years, our ancestors have gathered on the full moon to tap into the cyclical wisdom of the earth and to honour the fullness and richness of life. 

If you yearn for a space to be deeply held in self-connection, and receive cacao healing on the deepest possible level...

Join us for this monthly community cacao ritual.

How To Join Us

  1. Save Your Seat by registering for the event - join us live for free or purchase a bundle to receive your own supply of cacao & access the recording.
  2. Join the FREE Full Circle Community
    to receive event updates and your zoom link
  3. Introduce yourself to the Full Circle Community
    and tell us what intentions you are calling in this full moon!

Supported by Cacao Medicine...

The medicinal properties of cacao support us in simultaneously grounding into our bodies and opening us up to the expansive energy of our life force.

At Full Circle we only serve our pure Mayan ceremonial cacao, hand-made with love and intention and blessed by Mayan spiritual leaders. For the most powerful and potent experience possible.

Embrace the True Power of Cacao

Cacao is an ancient plant medicine that has been revered for thousands of years by the Mayan people.

Known to be one of the most potent and healing plants on the planet. With the power to bring us profound clarity, awaken our spirit and connect us to our truest self.

At Full Circle Cacao we have been privileged to recieve the ancient Mayan teachings on cacao direct from our Mayan teachers.

Carefully passed down through the generations and surviving today as powerful insights that we are now able to share with you through these powerful cacao journeys.

By working directly with Mayan collectives we bring you the purest and most energetically powerful cacao in the world.

Helping to reconnect you with the true spirit of cacao and bring the healing practices of sacred cacao into your everyday life.