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"The most authentic and wonderful cacao I’ve had outside of Guatemala itself...The spirit of the indigenous women who made it could be felt with every sip." Megan D

Traditional Ceremonial Cacao Bundle

Traditional Ceremonial Cacao Bundle

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This Cacao + Molinillo Bundle is the perfect combination to start exploring the ancient traditions of Authentic Mayan Cacao.

Two blocks (226g/0.5lb) of our Pure Mayan Ceremonial Cacao + a hand-crafted Molinillo (Cacao Whisk) for perfectly smooth cacao every time.

We source our ceremonial cacao directly from the indigenous Mayan collective Chinimital del Ka'kaw.

Providing you with the most potent, nutritionally dense, and energetically pure cacao on the planet.

Our beautiful molinillos (wooden whisks) are hand-crafted in Mexico and are perfect for preparing your cacao the traditional way.


We are so confident in the transformative power of our cacao, that we offer you a no risk, 100% money back guarantee.

Please Note: Kakaw Chinimital is an artisanal product, hand-made by an indigenous collective. This means stocks are limited and subject to sell out quickly.

  • Hand-Made with Intention
  • Sacred Small Batches
  • Sustainable Agriculture
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Elevate Your Self-Care Ritual

Your Molinillo

Perfect Cacao Every Time

These beautiful hand-crafted molinillos are the perfect tool for emulsifying (blending) your chopped cacao, so that it turns out perfectly smooth and creamy each time.

Natural Protection

The Mayan elders teach us that metal should be avoided when preparing cacao as it is said to alter and cut away the natural feminine energy of the cacao spirit. 

All of our cacao is prepared in the traditional Mayan way and is not touched by metal or machinery.

These small wooden whisks are the perfect addition to your authentic cacao tool set and a beautiful way to continue to protect the natural healing energy of your cacao.

How to Prepare Your Traditional Cacao

Make a perfect cup of cacao with your molinillo...

Simply chop up your cacao and place inside a ceramic cup.

Pour in a tablespoon of hot, not boiling, water and allow to melt slightly.

Use your molinillo between two hands to whisk the cacao into a paste, adding more water as needed (this is also the perfect time to add any additions like your favourite spice to your cacao!)

Add as much water as you like - and enjoy your perfect, traditional cup of cacao.

Your Candles

Where They Come From

Produced by an indigenous owned business in the K'ich'e Mayan nation.

Tata Mario is a renowned spiritual leader (Ajq'ij) from the K'ich'e nation, with decades of experience in spiritual healing.

As well as performing the role of Ajq'ij within his community he also produces these beautiful candles along with many other holistic products used traditionally in Guatemala for spiritual practice.

Just like with our ceremonial cacao, when you purchase these candles you can be assured of their authenticity and true connection to the the Mayan tradition.

What The Colours Represent

As well as representing the four cardinal directions each candle can be used for a specific purpose within your cacao ritual/spiritual practice:

Red: To call upon strength

White: To assist in maintaining healthy relationships

Black: For clearing and releasing negative energy

Yellow: Prosperity and healing

How to Use Your Candles

Hold a lighter to the end of your candle for a few seconds, enough to slightly melt the bottom.

Then place it on a flat surface to allow the wax to harden and the candle to stand up.

Light your candle, offer a prayer or intention, or simply be with the flame, staying with it until it has burnt out.

Ceremonial Cacao

Discover the power of true Mayan ceremonial cacao, hand-made with love and intention, 100% traditionally prepared and blessed by Mayan spiritual leaders

Embrace the True Power of Cacao

Cacao is an ancient plant medicine that has been revered for thousands of years by the Mayan people.

Known to be one of the most potent and healing plants on the planet. With the power to bring us profound clarity, awaken our spirit and connect us to our truest self.

The ancient Mayan teachings surrounding cacao have been carefully passed down through the generations, surviving today as powerful insights that we are now able to share with the world.

Through the Mayan collective Chinimital del Ka’kaw, we bring you the purest and most energetically powerful cacao in the world.

Helping to reconnect you with the true spirit of cacao and bring the healing practices of sacred cacao into your everyday life.