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Peruvian 100% Cacao Paste

Peruvian 100% Cacao Paste

Origin: Peru

Co Operatives: Norandino Co-op  & Satipo Cocoa Co-operative

Genetics: Criollo


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  • Made with love in lutruita/Tasmania.
  • Certified Organic (ACO)
  • Sustainable Agriculture
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Norandino Co-op  & Satipo Cocoa Co-operative

These Co-ops are dedicated towards enhancing the economic stability, self-sufficiency, and climate resilience of over 300 farming families, all while promoting sustainable agriculture.

"Ceremonial Grade Cacao"

We have decided to Class this Cacao as "Ceremonial Grade Cacao" because It has:

-Native Peruvian Criollo Genetics

-Follows organic and sustainable agricultural practices

-Very high quality cacao

-Certified Organic (ACO)

For Everyday Use

We are able to offer you this cacao at an affordable price so like us, you can consume it daily!

This cacao is:

-Imported as beans in bulk.

-Made by Machine using stone grinders in Tasmania.

-Has not undergone spiritual and cultural blessings.


We can trace the origins of this cacao from family farms to co operatives to chocolate factory in Tasmania where it is made.

We also acknowledge and express that This Cacao is sold for 'everyday use' and is not what we and our Mayan teachers consider: Cacao for kotzij' (Pure ceremonial cacao for spiritual use)

For deeper Ritual use, we highly recommend our 100% Pure Mayan Ceremonial Cacao.

Nutrient Dense

This cacao being very high quality, it is packed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, mood boosting stimulants, antioxidants and polyphenols (just to name a few).

We love drinking this cacao on the regular to get all these benefits at a price that doesn't break the bank!

Great for mental alertness, clarity, creativity and just relaxing with a nice cup of cacao any time of day.

100% Cacao Chocolate

This Cacao is For you if you're looking for: All the health benefits, stimulating compounds and cacao's natural energy and vibration at an affordable price for everyday use.

This Cacao has been sourced with the intention to support farmers and communities so that they can make a liveable income while supporting sustainable, organic agriculture in Peru. Sales of this cacao also supports Australian small business.